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web address  description a comprehensive resource all about wines from the northwest 

where else can you find these three words all in a row? Check it out for good deals and more this site is the host of the nifty wine varietal chart not unlike the peoridic table – you may purchase it here food, recipes, dictionaries – a food lover’s best friend The independent consumer’s guide to fine wines and wine related accoutrements heading to paris?  or just curious about french wines – this site has plenty of information to keep you busy The Frugal Oenophile, as his name suggests, knows affordable wine is desriable wine . His website offers this and much more: enjoy reading his witty street smart tips about hosting tasting parties, winery etiquette and more. a "podcast" - all about wine – now why didn’t we think of that!   Radio shows on the internet all about wine: three fun hosts talking about their opinions and experiences and interviewing wine professionals from around the world

go to this site if you want to learn more about wine in the comfort of your own home! They offer a course that should put you at the top of the glass…oops, we mean class… "Liner and Elsen is considered the city's most comprehensive wine shop by hard core oenophiles" Bon Appetit Magazine, 2005 learn about wine events in portland and around the world a beautiful publication about all things food, wine, and travel in the Pacific Northwest all types of information about oregon wine country including vacation ideas, lodging, events, education, wineries, and more website for the oregon remodelers association.  see projects they have done and get names of people who can help you with other projects around your house a publication dedicated to oregon wines, the people who make them, and the people who buy them this one is self explanatory and a must for oregon wine lovers Oregon at - a world directory the first wine newsletter exclusively devoted to pinot noir for our friends across the river in Vancouver and beyond (they ship everywhere!) ~ a wonderful wine shop and much, much more! the wine and food society of oregon – need we say more? these guys are new, local and  ready to get you in touch with the best in wine and chocolates lots of information about wine, wine tasting, wine variety and more the ultimate resource on wine information on women in the wine business from around the world a little different than the one above -  a wine club strictly for women
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