West Coast Wine Cellars Difference
| The People Who Make the Difference


West Coast Wine Cellars' Difference
We are proud to be the Northwest’s leading wine cellar design and construction company. If functionality is your byword, you will be happy with our staff’s depth of knowledge and attention to detail. We concentrate on designing and building a cellar that responds to your needs in the most appropriate and cost-effective way.

If a unique and impressive cellar is your heart’s desire, our creative team can work with you to achieve a design concept that is as spectacular and fanciful as you wish it to be. It is our pleasure to create a cellar that delights you and makes a dramatic showcase for your wine collection.

If you are concerned about disruptive construction processes, you will be reassured by our clean, neat and professional installers, and you will appreciate the care they take while working within your home.

As bonded general contractors, West Coast Wine Cellars, Inc. can work with you from concept development through complete construction. If you are already working with an architect, designer or builder, we are happy to work with your team to accomplish your goals as seamlessly as possible.

We use only the best and most reliable suppliers. We will guide you through the design and selection of racking, flooring, countertops, doors, hardware, wall colors and finishes, special effects, lighting, cooling systems and all the other components of your project with experience and expertise. Being a general contractor gives us access to the wholesale markets in Portland and beyond.

The most important difference you’ll discover in doing business with West Coast Wine Cellars is a people difference. Our employees are well qualified individuals who have shown excitement and enthusiasm about our business. We think our clients receive the benefit of their high standards and deep commitment at every step of the way through our process.

Building wine cellars is our passion, what we concentrate on, and what we love to do. Every new project is a challenge. And every new client is as important and exciting to us as the first. Whether you have 60 bottles or 6,000, you can trust that we will take the very best care of your wine and your home.

We understand that you have a choice. When you select West Coast Wine Cellars, Inc. you can know that you are choosing the best for your wine storage needs.


The People Who Make the Difference

Dennis McFall, Director of Design & Operations

Education: BA degree in Architecture, University of Oregon

Dennis is a native of the Pacific Northwest. He became interested in wine gradually, as the Oregon wine industry developed. Over time, traveling and learning about wines became a passion for him. Fourteen years ago he decided to combine this love with his years of design and construction experience and building beautiful and practical wine cellars.

“I took classes at the University of California, Davis, to learn more about wine and its storage requirements. I visited outstanding wine cellars in the U.S., Europe and South America. I became convinced there was no one in the Northwest creating the types of cellars that wine enthusiasts – here, or in any region of the United States – would like to have in their homes today. I wanted to change that.”

You can see examples of cellars that Dennis has been responsible for creating in our "photo gallery"

Donna McFall, Owner and CEO
Education: BA degree in Theater, minor in Architecture, Portland State University

Donna’s background in theater and interior design is well suited to the task of helping clients achieve the cellar they most desire.

She combines an insistence on excellence in both design and business practice with a focus on being truly responsive to our clients.

“We believe in providing individually tailored solutions. We consider our clients’ style, their collection and their resources. Our by-word is appropriateness. Sometimes what’s needed is a small, economical cellar. Sometimes the need is for an extraordinary space that not only houses a large collection but also expresses our client’s personality and gives them generous entertaining options. Our real business is helping our clients enjoy their passion, and fortunately, that’s what we love to do.”


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