Contruction Terms
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15° Display Level A single row of display bottles tilted 15° on individual racking
Base Moulding Base moulding is designed to be applied to the bottom of racking without interfering with bottle storage
Beam Support Solid wood beam that adds structure to support racking above
Built-up Crown Multiple part crown moulding
CAD Computer Aided Design – computer program we use to create your cellar design
Casings Trim surrounding wine cellar doors and windows
Crown Moulding A sculpted style top moulding
Curved Corners True radius curve option for (90°) corner storage of individual bottles
Diamond Bin Bulk storage option with “diamond” shaped pattern
Diamond Bin Face Trim Trim applied to the face of a diamond bin to cover the intersect pieces and add more stability
Diamond Cube Bulk storage option that is modular, stackable, square
Double Deep Depth of a wine rack that equals two bottles
Filler Strip Solid wood strips most often used to join or fill in between racks and for a seamless look and custom fit
High Reveal Display Level Custom racking to display bottles at 15° angle; this is typically a 4 bottle high reveal but can also be a three bottle high reveal
Individual Rack The main (and most common) building block of any wine cellar where each bottle has its own slot
Kit Racking Pre-designed modular racking in fixed sizes with minimal on site assembly
Low Reveal Display Level Custom racking to display bottles at 15° angle; this is a 2 bottle high reveal
Magnum Rack Individual rack with openings large enough to accommodate magnum sized bottles
Mahogany A naturally rot-resistant tropical hard wood species found along the equator in South America, Africa and South East Asia
Quarter Round Display Fixed (non-adjustable) shelves used to provide a custom end cap to racking
Radius Arch Built-in wood arch over a counter top
Rectangular Bin Adjustable shelves for bin storage, typically one case per shelf
Redwood Heartwood Historically the wood used in cellars because of its resistance to moisture in typical high humidity environments
Single Deep The depth of a wine rack equal to one bottle
Stemware Rack Racking accessory that hangs wine glasses by their stems
Table Top Finished solid wood top
Through-wall Cooling Unit Cooling unit that is installed as an air conditioner
Toe Kick Quarter-round moulding placed in front of base moulding
Vertical Display Rack Fixed shelves for individual bottles oriented to a side view
Water-based Stain A non-solvent based stain or top coat
Waterfall Individual bottle racking with graduated change in height
Wood Case Adjustable shelves used for wood case storage
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